First Orders

I thought it might be nice to commemorate first orders on Dotted Line:

FIRST, FIRST order of all time from Charmaine (invoice no. 001!!!), who bought a Denim Puff Jacket and the Dotty Pencil Skirt.

1st DL Invoice

And my first online order (all the way from Zurich, Switzerland no less!) was from Alicia! I received the first order in the email, barely a day after the site launched! Alicia bought the Denim Puff jacket, Sparkle Dress and Ivory Ruffle. Here's here stuff, all wrapped and ready to go:

1st Overseas Package

1st Overseas Package 2

I had such fun putting her parcel together! I've always liked wrapping gifts - and this time I got to use the nice tissue paper that Karen helped me buy. It made me feel very boutique- like. And I dug out all the nice wrappers and ribbons that I had got for Dotted Line. To top things off, I have a large scotch-tape dispenser - much like the ones you see at the cashier counters at stores. I felt like a gift wrap pro.

Thank you Charmaine & Alicia!!!


Karen M said...

Nice wrapping! I would be so thrilled to get that in the mail!

Alicia, when you see this, don't forget to post pics of you in the clothes on your blog k?

dot said...

that's the idea :)

you should feel like you're receiving something from a friend, rather than just a store. i packed it in a box, hopefully it won't be too squashed on arrival!

Saggs said...

The packing is really fab! V a la Jap styled packing??

I'll wait for your bags before I place my order!


dot said...

syl, you're stressing me out but will be working on the bags ASAP!

Alicia said...

Hoo hoo, too cool! I'm SO excited - lovely stuff coming in the mail ... just for me!!!

Now I just hope that Stefan the green-eyed hubby doesn't put his paws all over the package first!

Karen, there will be photos on the blog ... IF I don't push the seams beyond their tensile limit, hor. Been getting annoyingly fat and flabby ... have 10-15 working days to drop the pounds ... puff puff ...

Sal said...

I love the white frilly blouse! Very Princess Di (her wedding dress) :)

Your packaging is so lovely too. I'm a bit of a nosey parker, where do you find such pretty paper and ribbon in Singapore?