The Dotted Line Launch Party

Phew I'm exhausted!

We threw a wonderful launch party yesterday at MAAD. It was a pretty crazy 2 hours. Thank you to everyone who came, tried and bought! (I wanted to type "Buyed")

Thank you for the support and vote of encouragement. For those who bought Dotted Line stuff, I hope you enjoy wearing your new clothes!

Thanks to my lovely and very generous helpers:

  • Charmaine - the pro events planner and overall I/C for the event
  • Meiping - the "wrapper" and photographer (thanks Sean for buying meips the Canon D400 in time for the event!)
  • Esther and Jackie - my clothes "minders" who patiently helped everyone who wanted to try on the clothes.
  • Juliana & Janet - the receptionists who convinced people to sign up for the guest list and commit to a lifetime of Dotted Line mailers.
  • The husbands: Andrew (Jul's) and my dear hub Kisu for having to do the heavy lifting and enduring a day of essentially, shopping.
  • Selena, who helped me pick up a variety of party stuff from IKEA at the very last minute.
With everyone's help, we managed to transport 4 cars loaded with clothes, food, decorations and other barang to MAAD. And transformed the area into a mini-shopping experience complete with long reception table, buffet spread and showroom. It was more than I could have hoped for. One of the other stallholders came over in the evening to tell me that the setup was very "class"!

Photos of the party are up! Click here to view.


Alicia said...

Can't wait to see the photos, I'm sure it was super class! :)

dot said...

i hope they come our fantastic - although between meips and a D400, there isn't much that could go wrong!

Toon said...

Wished I was there!!! Faiii-di load up the pixs, Dotty!