Dotted Line at Swirl

Dotted Line can now be found at Swirl!

I have started consigning my clothes at Swirl - it's a beautiful, homey boutique and you get personalised service from partners Evelyn & Suzanne. If you're in the City Hall area and wish to view my clothes, please drop by. Swirl has its own line of vintage and vintage inspired dresses as well.

#02-05 Stamford House
39 Stamford Road
tel: 6338 5020
opening hours: Mon - Sat 12 - 8.30pm

I went down yesterday evening with my clothes and Evelyn helped me to put them up. She was very meticulous in ensuring that we got the best display, which was very good because I was so chin-chye (can I say too chin-chye) about it. I was like "Simple, just display lor!" Luckily I didn't get my way.

She did a brilliant job, and even let me have one of the three mannequins in the window - so now there's a Dotted Line outfit sitting in Swirl's shop window! I very carelessly left my camera at home, so I didn't manage to take a picture of the display : ( Will be going down later this week to replenish stocks, so I'll take a photo then.

edit: here are the pics

DL at Swirl 2

DL at Swirl

Proof of the effectiveness of her display - it helped me sell two of my tops that very evening. After we finished putting up the clothes, we settled down to chat and before we knew it, the shop was flooded with customers . Evelyn's friend had brought a group of seven colleagues to the shop and they were on a mission. Within minutes, they were all togged out in a multitude of dresses, and I saw one of them trying on the Dusky Rose Ruffle. Not long after, Evelyn told me that she was buying not just one, but two - one in each colour!

Wow. That really exceeded my consignment expectations. It's a great start!


Alicia said...

Ooh ooh, fabulous! Your stuff is SO pretty that it won't be in the shop window for very long I'm afraid :)

So get the photos taken pronto!!! :)

Saggs said...

Congrats congrats! Can't wait to see the shopfront display!

Toon said...

Gambatte Dotty!

Karen M said...

Hey I drive past that store almost everyday (on my way home from work)!

Will take a peek at the display today! Congrats! Sounds like things are really moving along!

sel said...

congrats again, girl! may your clothes keep flying off the racks! love the combination of the anna blouse with the black dotty skirt :)