What is wrong with these people?

I SO have to rant.

It's about my new mannequin. This is she.

Mannequin #2

And you won't believe the frustration and hassle I went through to get hold of her.

I visited the supplier last week like I blogged about earlier, and in total, ordered 3 mannequins (2 of which were for Evelyn of Swirl) and 2 garment racks. We got 15% off 2 of the mannequins, supposedly because they were identical models (the 3rd one was a different), and also because one of them (mine) was a showroom display model. And those were also the final 2 pieces in stock, we were told.

On the day of delivery, no one turned up at the appointed time in the morning. When I called to find out why, the salesgirl realised that she had forgotten to submit the delivery order (!) to her warehouse. Luckily, they recovered quickly and managed to deliver the goods by evening of the same day. However, when the deliverymen showed up with the goods, everything was fine except for my mannequin.

There was a huge black blotch the size of a thumb on the fabric in the front which wasn't there the day before! It was right above the bustline, very obvious and no way that I could remove it. I suppose it was somehow dirtied by the guys who handled the transport of the goods. I returned that mannequin and called the supplier, complaining that the goods were not delivered in good order. The salesgirl then proceeded to tell me that not only was there no more stock left for that model; they did not intend to import it anymore, AND they could not refund my money, AND could I just take another one that had smaller measurements?

Well, NO.

The measurements of the mannequin are very important - I realised this after comparing Coco to this new mannequin. You want a mannequin that is smaller than your clothes (so you can put them on easily) but not too small, otherwise the clothes look baggy, which isn't all that attractive. Too small and you end up pinning back the fabric - very inconvenient when it comes to photoshoots. My main problem with Coco is her large-ish shoulders - I tend to have problems putting on tops that don't have front openings. It should also be noted that all the other models in their showroom were not options - they were either cold and metallic, black (yucks), tacky (vinyl covered) or fibreglass (the ones that look like real poeple and freak the hell out of me)

I discovered that the dimensions on this new one pretty much fit all my clothes well. So when I heard that there would be no more stock (ever!) of this model, I was cheesed. First they tell me it's the last piece, and I take it even though I hate showroom anything. And they can't even take the effort to keep it in decent shape?

As a last resort, I agreed to go down to the showroom again to see if there was anything else that I might want. At this point, the salesgirl agreed that I could have a cash refund if I couldn't find a replacement (after I insisted and rightly pointed out that I could not be penalised for something that was not my fault).

This morning, I went down to the showroom, hoping against hope that there could be something that I could use. They have a crappy stockkeeping system there - but the biggest problem by far is that the salespeople are extremely lazy about making stockchecks with their warehouse.

After reiterating that she had nothing similar to that same size and design, one of her warehouse staff came up to her and told her that there actually was stock - close but not exactly the same as the one that I had ordered. There was hope yet!

I had to wait 30 minutes for them to haul up the candidate mannequin because, the salesgirl told me, the warehouse staff were out for "tea". And finally when it came - it was very very close to the original, and it was new and clean. Obviously, their stockkeeping process is completely crap.

It came in a slightly different material though (knit), so I asked if they could check if they had anything that was similar to the original (nylon-ish). The salesgirl (without checking) smoothly told me that all the new models came in this fabric. She was just too lazy to check. Just minutes ago, she didn't even have any idea that she had stock sitting in her warehouse. Now she was telling me confidently that they all came in this knit fabric. Urgh.

And the clincher - she told me that I would have to TOP UP for this new mannequin!

Because it was new and not subject to the same discount as what I had gotten for the other one. (10% as oppposed to the original 15%). She insisted that the discount could not be extended because I was no longer taking the showroom model. She also said it wasn't her fault that it was dirtied. (Hm, then whose was it - mine?!) I was so pissed - I told her that none of this was through any fault of mine; that I was the one being inconvenienced and I wouldn't have had to buy this newer one if not for the other one being dirtied. But she gave me all kinds of reasons and excuses which would make me boil if I had to repeat them here.

It was a freaking $7 but so what? It wasn't the amount, but the attitude and the reason that they gave me for why I had to pay - it showed me that there was no consideration of the customer at all. I argued mainly because I thought they should know that I was NOT happy with the way they were handling this matter. Especially so because it was a small amount - if it was me, I'd have been grateful that it only cost me $7 to placate an angry customer and written it off as service recovery. Guess that's too much to ask of a local SME.

Really, what is WRONG with these people?

I decided that I was not getting through, so I gave up arguing, paid, and walked out with a sour taste in my mouth. On a brighter note, I was just happy that I managed to find a mannequin that was the size I needed.

Yes, I realise that this post is very long. So you must realise just how very damn pissed I am.

All this drama, and for a bloody mannequin.


charm said...

my goodness!!! must escalate to their management!!!!!!!! i feel your anger & pain!!

Karen M said...

You go girl! Give them hell! Ray also complains all the time that a lot of Singapore small shop people don't bother to check and will immediately say "dun hav".

dot said...

my anger has dissipated somewhat...but yeah, i hate when they say things like that - it's just so obvious that they're not making any effort! and the other line i love: "oh, whatever stock we have is out there."

Alicia said...

OMG, those people suck big time, man! How to run a business when they don't even know what's in stock?!!

emy said...

That sounds just so typical. But say, are there really different sizes in the mannequins? The last time I asked they said they have no clue and the size should be *standard*

Poche said...

which one did u go to?