Hi Folks! As I was so kindly reminded...I haven't blogged in almost a week. Gasp, yes!

So what has been happening?

First up, Dotted Line launch - because friends have been asking me about it.

The target date to launch the website is September, and I had my eye on the 24th. Although, now I am thinking of pushing back the launch date.

I had an "incident" with my clothes production - it's 2 designs out of the whole lot, so thankfully it's not too big of an issue. It just means that I will likely have to launch without them, which I'm not the most happy about. The rest of the clothes I'm glad to report, are hanging on the newly purchased racks in my workroom.

Karen's been working fast and furious on the website - I've seen 2 mockups since, which are looking good! But there are details that need to be ironed out. I hate pushing back the launch date, but it's important that we make sure that the small things are taken care of - user friendliness, smooth navigation, how things link together, etc. I'll have a better idea of revised timelines post today's meeting, and I don't anticipate it being delayed by more than a couple weeks. I'll be updating on this blog so check back!

Oh, and Charmaine and I have also been working on planning the launch party these couple weeks - again date of the party is TBD because it will have to be post website launch. We have lots of ideas with Karen contributing (especially in the food department). I'm meeting Charm this evening to discuss more - looks like today is my day of meetings!

In the meantime, don't forget to catch Season 3 of Project Runway on Channel 5, which starts tomorrow! Joy!!!! Now I can be only three-quarters of a season behind.....


charm. said...

I thot was 1 October decided, not 24th, gasp!

Esther said...

24th is soon! Can't wait! :)

dot said...

esther - sorry to say, it won't be the 24th - but it will likely be by mid Oct!

yun-jo said...

yay, you're back! i'm eagerly waiting for the website... be sure to post pictures from the launch party. sorry i'll miss it.

Anonymous said...

i can imagine its like waiting to give birth to your baby haha. eagerly waiting for your website to be up and running so i can check out your stuff!
- shimian