I have a secret.

I know it's supposed to be good publicity and all, and in all likelihood I probably will end up doing so.

But shhhhhhh - I am not all that hot about wearing the clothes I design.

Don't get me wrong. It's not because they're ugly. Not because they don't fit me. And definitely not because I don't like them.

It's just that I've worked on them for such an extended period of time. I've seen them practically every day for the last four months.

Know what it's like when you don't feel like eating what you've cooked after slaving over the stove for half a day? You've spent so much time on the food preparation process that the smell in the kitchen has permeated your clothes and hair. It no longer is a fresh, intoxicating aroma that it is to your just-arrived ravenous dinner guests. My appetite never fails to dull when I am the cook (the key to dieting?)

So it is with the clothes.

I feel a sense of pleasure and pride when I look at them, definitely. When I recall the creative process: Sketching and selecting designs. Scouting for fabric. Drafting and cutting paper patterns. Remembering the first time I saw them as a complete, sewn garment.

Right now though, I think I'd be much more excited seeing them worn on someone else. Because that's when they become real - they become part of a living, breathing person's wardrobe, and it means that I have achieved what I set out to do.

Now, my next collection? Definitely hot about that!


charm. said...

happy bkk! mt next wk!

Toon said...

Dotty, maybe get Kisu to hide the clothes and maybe if you can't find it, your enthusiasm will be inignited! hahahah :D Gambatte!