On a Brighter Note

After that long and irritation-filled rant post below, let's move on to more pleasant things shall we?

My living room has, for the past 2 days, been turned into a makeshift photostudio of sorts.

Home Studio

That's my trusty tripod in the corner - the camera is not there for obvious reasons.

I've been spending my time shooting product photographs of all the clothes. I was really frustrated initially because I didn't get results that I was happy with, and didn't know what I could do to improve. But lighting is really THE key to getting good photographs. Also, certain fabrics just photograph better than others.

I'm glad to say that I've finished more than two-thirds of all the photos I need to take - if I have time I'll try to take better shots, but at least I have something to work with. The remainder are of outfits that are still with the seamstresses. Plus I've definitely become more expert at using Photoshop. I don't know the "cheem" stuff of course, but I can navigate and do the basic stuff to improve my photos. Yay!

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