Here is my 1st try, a clutch.

Since it's a sample, I just used some random cloth I had.

It has pleats front & back, and a little tab closure. There should be a button on the front, but I haven't put that in. So that's my sewing pin holding it in place right now.

sample clutch 3

The inside is lined

sample clutch 1


charm. said...

nice woh!!

Reg said...

That's a nice clutch!

Alicia said...

VERY NICE! The one that Meips has in orange velvet retro fabric might also be a good model?

Toooon said...

So lovely! Makes me think I want to have a lollipop!!

diTz said...

its really pretty!! how much is that retailing for? (if its not sold already? :D

dot said...

hi ditz,

thanks! I haven't started retailing it yet. so i haven't decided on the price either :)