The Windy City

hey everyone!

hello from chicago - kisu got 24 hours of internet subscription from our hotel so i'm trying my best to make full use of it by doing a quick blog update. We're in Chicago for Kiae (Kisu's sister) and Kevin's wedding.

We left tuesday evening, eve of national day at 11pm and reached Chicago 2 days later at 7pm. That makes a total of 33 hours travel time (10hrs total in transit) spanning 5 airports - a record journey for me! We arrived just before the news of "Bombs in a Bottle" broke, thankfully. We're hopeful that the airports here will sort out their new screening processes by the time we next fly, which is next Monday, to New York. We almost lost one of our bridesmaids who was flying in from NY- she finally made it, half a day late - and one chapstick lighter (got confiscated!)

It was a crazy journey, but it was so worth it. So far we've met loads of new people and weather in Chicago is fabulous, warm and sunny. Not too cold. I love it! Kevin is Irish American, with family from Ohio, so we've had a really interesting mix of people here - friends and family and an amazing mix of cultures and tradition. I just came back from the P'yebaek (Bowing to Husband's Parents) - a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, which was held at an Irish pub! I got some great pictures which I will post soon, of the soon to be wedded twosome in their Korean finery!

Tomorrow is the church ceremony followed by dinner reception. We only need to be ready in the afternoon, so the morning is free and I intend to SHOP! We're staying at the Palmer House Hilton, right in the middle of tons of fabulous shops (Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, several major departmental stores) which I want to shop at. Oh and for those of you who keep up with the 3rd season of Project Runway, I saw the winning design for INC at one of the department store windows! And took a picture with it of course, although I didn't like the designer very much. I have to say, I wasn't too impressed with its construction and bloody rosettes. Looked better on TV. Along the PR lines, I'm hoping to bump into Tim Gunn at Mood fabric store in NY. If I do, you bet I'm going to get him to autograph my notebook with, what else "Make it Work"

p/s: I'm being spammed big time on my blog posts, so I've had to turn on the word verification tool. I'm guessing people who want to leave comments are going to do so even if they have to do a little extra work!


charm. said...

harros harros!!! thank goodness for making it into chicago before the big thing indeed man! i'm already stressing out about not having my barang on my next flight!! enjoy the shopping they sound fantabulous!!!

Reg said...

Not sure if i am the only one. But I can't get myself added to your mailing list for your dottedline site. It didn't work at home and in office.

dot said...

hey reg, think i recall getting your email signup. and I have been receiving additions to the mailing list daily - wha's the error you're getting?

other people, are you having the same problem too?