The Story of my Clothes

This Photoshoot!

I'm trying to work out a 'story' around the shoot - I'm told that this is how shoots are usually styled and planned. It makes sense - having a theme makes it easier to pull things together and plan the appropriate props etc.

So I'm here in the study, ripping apart magazines - I've got a little pile of pages with examples of the makeup and hairdos that I want. On my other side, I have a page of random doodling on the outfits, props, possible themes etc.

I'm beginning to feel like the Project Runway contestants in the Banana Republic challenge episode. Remember the one where they had to make a day to night dress and then dress up a store window at BR to showcase their outfit? Yeah, I think I'm going through the same thing now.

But, I'm not about to end up with a shoot full of crumpled sheets of paper! : (

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