The Project Runway Tour

(* note spoilers ahead for Season 3)

Alas, I did not meet Tim Gunn.

But I did manage a self-conducted Project Runway "tour"

The winning design for INC (episode 4) in the window of Marshall Field's in Chicago

PR 2

All the winning designs so far from Season 3 in the window of the Herald Sq Macy's store.
Macy's has taken over from Banana Republic as the main industry sponsor.

PR 4

Mood Fabric Store

PR 3

Atlas apartments

The Altas apartments are just on the fringe of the fashion district in NY making it extremely convenient for the PR contestents.

I was tempted to take a whirl through the revolving doors a la Andre, but decided not to. I did, however sneak a peek inside - it looked pretty posh.

PR 6

Parsons New School for Design

PR 8


Stereoette said...

i love your top that you are wearing in the picture in front of Atlas ;o)

dot said...

thank you! i've gotten quite a few compliments on that top - when I bought it, i was really eyeing the cardigan that came in a set with it. Now the cardi has been given away but this top remains!