On the Road

It's been a mad day, and I can finally sit down and rest.

This is what happens when you're in a desk bound job for too long.

I started the day off bright and early, at 7.50pm. This was despite sleeping around 1.30 this morning. I had been working on the final bits of my web content and there was just that bit more to go. As is my habit, I could not sleep because I kept thinking about it. So this morning I logged on the minute I was up, because I really wanted to get it out to Karen ASAP given that I'm going to be away for the next 1 1/2 weeks.

After dropping Kisu off at work, I made the final changes and sent the files over. Then it was off to Haji Lane to look at possible furniture and fixtures that I might use for the store (even though it's a home store, it still needs to be decorated!). I then walked over to another store in the area to show them my bags. I had met one of the partners at MAAD on Sunday and she was interested in consigning my bags.

She told me to speak to her partner (whom I guess makes the buying decisions) at the store. The lady turned out to be very nice, and I had a long chat with her. Turns out that she used to be a home decor stylist, and also used to make her own bags to sell at flea markets! She seemed pretty interested but said that she'd get back to me tomorrow. Hopefully this works out.

It was early afternoon by this time and I hadn't had lunch. Found a small corner stall selling muslim food on the corner of Arab St and Beach Rd. I sat down to a tiny bowl of mee rebus. It was quite nice, eating on my own along the street.

Dropped by the ribbon store opposite the road to look for something to hang my paper clothing tag on - I was looking for something cord-like, but since they didn't have anything nice, I ended up with some satin ribbon instead.

As I was paying, I asked the owner if they gave discounts for bulk purchases. He looked me over the top of his glasses, and kept silent for quite a while before asking me (very skeptically) how many rolls I intended to buy, and for my namecard.

I told him that my namecard would only be ready on Friday, and countered by asking him how many rolls one would have to buy to get a discount. He let out a sort of half snort at my reply about the namecards, and with a look that was a cross between disbelief and skepticism, finally muttered, "10 items. Can give about 20% discount".


Then it was off to scout for fabric - I've been approached to help a new lifestyle store make funky aprons, which are part of their uniform. They want something in shocking colours like florescent pink & green, and it had to be a pretty hardy fabric. I'd already searched the stores in Chinatown, but wasn't able to find anything suitable. At Arab St, almost all the stores I asked did not have anything close to what I wanted. Thankfully, I finally managed to find something that I thought might work at Teng Joo.

My last stop was Ikea to pick up some fabrics for the photoshoot on Monday, and stock up on clothes hangers and garment bags. Since my clothes are starting to get carted around, I decided that they should travel in style. It was not a very good time to go because they are currently having their annual clearance sale, so it was very crowded although it's a weekday.

I was especially pleased because I managed to buy a mirror (3/4 length) for $14.90! It's really light too, which is very important because I plan on bringing it with me to MAAD when I start showing the clothes there.

So that was what I did today. I'm taking a breather and just enjoying sitting still with the aircon on. I need to work on the stylng for the shoot...thankfully that can be done from my seat!

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eLiZ said...

Hi Dot, Not sure if the shop you went to at Haji Lane is the one which was opened by my friend? Hers is on the second floor and the name of the shop is 'Notie Dotie' which sells nice clothes and bags. She might be interested in consigning your bags, do let me know if you are keen as well.