Lonely Corridors

I used to work in a nice airconditioned office building in Shenton Way - Capital Tower to be precise.

It's posh, comfortable, spacious, and supposedly one of Singapore's "intelligent" buildings. Well, the PM's office is there - perhaps that's why.

Nowadays, this is the sight that's more likely to greet me:

Lonely Corridor

Scary huh? This is one of the corridors of a factory building that I visited today. (Pardon the dirty screen, I didn't realise until I uploaded it - but can you see how dark the corridor is? How to see that the screen is dirty?!)

Each time I set foot in one of these corridors, the same thought always crosses my mind: That this would be the perfect setting for a crime scene. Guess I'm quite morbid and paranoid.

Well, in the course of this journey (wah, I sound like a Singapore Idol hopeful) and particularly in recent weeks, I've been visiting quite a few out-of-my-comfort zone places. OK, so this whole business of starting a business is in itself a move out of my comfort zone, but what I mean is: Besides visiting industrial estates (which I've never been to before, ever) I am actually venturing beyond my usual 2 km radius boundary from home

Of late, I've been trawling the Geylang, Paya Lebar and Sengkang area quite a bit. In fact just the other day I actually managed to navigate my way from Geylang to Sengkang, which is quite a feat! If you've ever been with me in my car, you will know what I mean.

Today I was at two industrial buildings, both at Paya Lebar. My first stop was to pick up my collaterals - I'm $1000 poorer but I finally have my clothing tags, labels & namecards! They even gave me extras at no additional charge because there was leftover paper!

Then I drove further up the road to visit a company that does silk screening on T-shirts. I need silk screening services for the apron project - once I complete the aprons, the company logo & branding need to be emblazoned on. I had called beforehand, and said that I was planning on dropping by to pick up some samples. The guy who runs it looked quite young and was very helpful. He even asked me if I had any problem finding my way to such an 'ulu' area. (Sidenote: I usually get some weird looks when I'm around these buildings - people eye me with curiousity - I guess they think I don't look like I should be there) But hah! I proudly announced that this was, in fact, not the first time that I had been to this same building! I had visited last year, when I was scouting for mannequins. I even casually added that I come to this area alot.

By the time I was done, I was starving. I had skipped lunch because I wasn't really hungry then, and also because there wasn't really much to eat at home. So I decided to do something rather out of the ordinary for me - visit my favourite porridge store in the world, Yu Meng Yuan at Bukit Merah Central.

I' m extremely lazy when it comes to food - I would never specially make a trip to get something to eat. If I was at home alone, and there was no reason to go out other than to get food - I would not bother going out to get any. I'd rather cook a packet of instant noodles. Case in point - see above about skipping lunch.

But today, since I was soooo hungry, and had a craving for porridge since Wednesday, I decided that I would make a trip to BM. A plus - I could also get another one of my favourite foods there - the donut from Sweet Ring bakery!!!

Here's the yummy porridge - look at those chunks of minced pork and century egg! What I love about it is the hearty taste - the porridge itself is very flavourful; it's not just white porridge with ingredients. And it's really cheap too, just $2 for this tasty bowl.

BM Porridge

It was a nice way to cap the day's activities.


Toon said...

Dot, I think you should bring a personal alarm with you when you brave these lonely corridors!

Stereoette said...

i have never had porridge, but that looks good... i think i remember reading on here that you took a trip to NYC... did you happen to discover any porridge places you could suggest?