It's a Wrap

We just finished the photoshoot and I am SO tired...

I started my day preparing the clothes for the shoot - I just acquired a nice new Novita garment steamer (using my Tangs vouchers from the wedding, whoo hoo!) and feel very much like one of those retail assistants when I use it. It looks so easy, right? Just slide the steamer bit up and down along the garment and the wrinkles will magically disappear (that's what the brochure said)? No! You have to hold the garment taut otherwise the steam won't work very well and you must constantly keep the steamer moving otherwise you end up with water marks. Sometimes I ended up creating a line or two inadvertently. Thankfully the clothes were already in pretty decent condition, so there wasn't too much work for me.

Then it was off to Great World to get my hair done for the shoot - I had one publicity shot and my hair had to look decent! Had a quick lunch and picked up a garment rack along the way so that I could hang all the Dotted Line clothes up much like backstage at the fashion shows! (Haha illusions of grandeur). I spent some time putting the rack together - drove me slightly crazy because the instructions were so bad and I had to redo certain bits. David and Lisa arrived 4-ish to do the setup and test shots, and after letting them in, it was time to pick Althea up.

Everyone else turned up at 6pm and shooting started around 7 nish; Althea needed to eat and then get her makeup done. It turned out that Althea had actually modelled before, so she was a pro at striking poses for the shoot! It really isn't easy - when it came to my turn I felt so awkward posing and getting the expression right. I was extremely thankful and relieved when Dave finally announced that we had a winner.

We only wrapped up around midnight. It took a longer time than we expected but we got our shots! I am amazed at how we managed to turn our home into a studio! There was a lot of moving of furniture, lights, lamps, test shots, etc. But we had a great bunch of people who worked tirelessly through the evening - thank you to Dave (my photographer), Lisa (his assistant), Althea (model) and Karen (the stylist with the keen eye and prop provider) for being very accomodating, relaxed and making it WORK!

My feet are extremely sore - I usually get this when I've been out the whole day shopping...but they were really cramping up by the end of the night because I was running around the apartment.

I'll upload pictures later - we had to disconnect all the wires in the study for a shot and that included the modem so I have no internet connection. What I'm using now is "borrowed" - I'm tapping into someone else's connection!

edit: here are the pics

model althea getting her make up done by zoe, our makeup artist

Althea makeup 2

karen demonstating a pose to althea


karen analysing the setup

PS 2

(L-R) Lisa, David, Karen

Notice how messy it is everywhere else!


it's a long day and we're all getting tired & frustrated!


Last scene...Kisu who's home from work decides that he should also get involved in the shoot

Kisu PS


Stereoette said...

whee, cant wait for pictures!

charm. said...

lovely!!! can't wait for the pix too!!!

dee_dejuvu said...

congrats, await your pixs soon!