High end fleas seem to be all the rage now - judging by the turnout at Shopaholics Aristocrats @ Graze this past Saturday.

Graze is a restaurant at Rochester Park, one of the hot new-ish dining areas in town. It's near Buona Vista (Holland Village) , where a series of restaurants and bars now reside in refurbished colonial Black & White bungalows. I'd heard so much about it, but never been there before - hearsay about the dreadful parking situation was the main deterrent.

However when I found out about Shopaholics Aristocrats, I really wanted to go - thought the place might be more palatable in the morning, so I arranged to meet Jenny there, whom I convinced to join me after she told me that she was in need of some retail therapy the day before.

By 1130, half an hour past opening time, the place was already swarming with fashionistas -beautiful people (buyers and sellers) abound. Graze had been cleared of it's furniture, and in its place were individual stall selling clothing, jewellery, bags, skincare, shoes, home decor, etc. The crowd was mainly well heeled 20 to 30 something women, with a handful of hip-ish teenagers thrown in. Retailers were the usual suspects - Trixilini, Retail Therapy, Clodette.

I saw a couple of cute pins and jewellery type things, but they were out of my price range unfortunately, and the crowds were getting to us, so after about 30 minutes we were outta there. At least Jenny bought a copy of Harpers Bazaar....

The afternoon was more fruitful. I dragged Kisu along to Rochor Road (a world apart from Rochester!), to the store that I bought my industrial sewing machine from. I wanted to buy more footers - they're attachments for the sewing machine that help you sew a variety of materials / certain styles that are not possible with the basic footer attachment.

I got myself a gathering foot (to create gathers), a footer that can sew vinyl/leather (whoo hoo! I've always wanted to try sewing vinyl bags!), a rolled hem footer (one of the most challenging things you can try to do on an industrial sewing machine - these create fine hems for delicate fabrics like satin or chiffon) and a final one that I only know by its Chinese name - "Gao-Di jiao"(directly translated into "High-Low" foot) - this does an extremely neat edgestitch.

Bobbins (with coloured thread) & Footers


So, I didn't end up with any high end fashion buys - but was very satisfied with my shopping loot today!

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