The Big Apple Part 2

we flew into new york city today - the second time this year for me, and the fifth for Kisu. His first time on holiday at least.

Boy was it a dramatic trip into the city. First, our flight from O' Hare in Chicago was delayed, so we left only 1 1/2 hours past the scheduled time. Thankfully the screening process wasn't too bad. There were loads of notices and announcements about prohibited items such as hair gel, toothpaste, sunscreen and other items of similar consistency from all carry on luggage in and around the airport. The only exceptions were baby formula and milk, provided you had an infant in arms. There were also giant red bins set up around the screening area for passengers to dispose of any items; they looked like huge toxic waste dumps. The security screening didn't take any longer than usual, but I was required to remove shoes (slippers!) and get them X-rayed.

The flight took only 1 1/2 hours but midway an announcement came on asking if there was a doctor or nurse onboard. Apparently one of the passengers was sick and needed assistance. Unfortunately, there was no one so all we could do was get the plane in and wait for the paramedics to come get the sick passenger. I have no idea what was wrong with the lady though.

We safely landed in La Guardia and got a cab into the city. Everything was pretty smooth until our cab got pulled over by a cop about 7 blocks from our hotel!!! This huge burly cop came out from an unmarked Chevy and slapped our driver with a traffic violation - he had made an illegal right turn. So drama right.

Thankfully, finally, FINALLY we ended up at our hotel, which is just round the corner from 5th Ave. It's great! We're in a great location, the hotel is new and has free (well, inbuilt into the room rate) wireless internet connection so I can surf and blog all I want!

YJ and Pat came by to meet us for dinner and dessert - it was so great to be able to meet up with them again.

Dinner - yummy Korean!

NY 2

I'm so glad for the lovely weather - I can walk around the streets in my tank top! Already wishing like I could stay for longer than our 3 days......


dee said...

NY for the 2nd time this year!!!!
you are so blessed!!!

really hope you'll get ample rest and fun there!!!

dot said...

am indeed blessed. thanks for reminding me - should be counting my blessings instead of complaining about the flight time!

Stereoette said...

welcome to town!

Pret said...

Hey came across yr blog from lisiepeasie.
Looking forward to your stuff.
Saw your bags at Maad before!

I am starting my own line of accessories too. How i wish we have a place like craftster in singapore. :)

TOon said...

Enjoy NY, Dotty... Be boldly inspired!