The Retro Cushion Cover

After lunch and 1 episode of Green Forest My Home VCD, I was much better able to tackle the crafty paralysis. Watching Leon Williams must have helped.

Here's my retro cushion cover.

I love love love the fabric which was given to my by Toon Ling.
I also made a bag with the same fabric sometime back. (Yeah I've actually cut this fabric before, but I can't explain the sudden paralysis today.)


cush side 2

cush side

There were some slight hitches working with the slippery garbedine (that's the back) but by and large it went pretty well. I plan to make one more to create a pair, and they're going up for sale at this Sunday's MAAD.


karene said...

hey, chanced upon your blog from Karen's and I visited your stall at MAAD too. :) [didn't buy la, broke u see.] but u might be interested in this http://www.boogaj.com/pincushion_challenge/

it's a sew ur own pincushion challenge that runs a different monthly theme. it's really cute! :)

Alicia said...

VERY nice material indeed!

Chu Ling said...

Very nice... I'm so glad there's MAAD! A great place to showcase your beautiful works!

Thenun said...

Hi! Are you Dorothy from GMC?

Beatnik said...

i love this! i've put it on my blog :-)