a productive weekend

Hah! Am quite pleased with myself - think I managed to be quite productive this weekend.

I finished my first draft of the web content. Charmaine edited it over the weekend and I've got one final edit to go before I can pass it to Karen. Looks like it's happening within the planned timeline. Also managed to do some other stuff, like work on some marketing ideas. And on Saturday morning, I went looking for display fixtures (clothing racks). Unfortunatelythe place I went to had stuff that was not suitable at all. All cold and chrome, not what I had in mind at all.

I don't know why, but I have this weird upside down schedule of work. I sometimes end up working more on weekends than weekdays. During so called "normal" working hours, I can't seem to concentrate and end up just surfing and checking email aimlessly. Very bad. I seem to enjoy working late at night...I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's only at the end of the "normal" workday (around 7pm) that I realise I haven't done very much and then try to make up for it and end up staying up late.

But with my lifestyle nowadays, what's "normal"? That's the beauty of it, isn't it? I can work however and whenever I want. But the last 2 nights (and it looks like tonight as well) were not good - I was up to 2am each night, ended up taking long naps in the day and then the cycle repeats. Thank goodness I wasn't at MAAD today. I managed to do a whole lot of stuff in the hours that I usually spend at MAAD - but it's just a 1 week break. I'll be back at it again next week!

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charm. said...

I think the truly creative work sub-normal hours :D