Make It Work

For those of you who watch Project Runway, you'll be familiar with design mentor Tim Gunn's signature phrase "Make it Work"

Increasingly, I find this to be a great and relevant motto to have. It's so simple but neatly sums up the objective of any task at hand.

Given the limited budget and resources in setting up a business, most times it's about Making It Work, and (to quote another famous Gunn phrase) - Carrying On.

In recent days, sorting out the photoshoot has been taking up most of my, well not time, but attention. I'm flying off to Chicago next Tuesday , and the shoot is scheduled to happen before then. So we have less than a week's time and the location still has not been finalised.

I initally had hopes of shooting at a vintage furniture store. The ready supply of beautiful props and backdrop would have been perfect, but given the constraints and conditions we were expected to work under, I quickly decided that this was not an option. The rental charges were also quite expensive, and I would have to rent a set of mobile lights for the shoot. Another cost item, and it all adds up very (too) quickly.

In which case, my other alternatives were to use (1) a proper photo studio or (2) somebody's home.

Studios are great because all the equipment such as lighting and proper changing facilities would be provided, but we would have to source our own props. That in itself wasn't an issue - but I was concerned with the transportation. I was OK with bringing stuff that could fit into a car, but I was not prepared to hire a truck to haul a sofa set to the studio.

Someone's house would be nice - there would be furniture in place and the house would be properly decorated. But wait, did I know anyone who had gorgeous, home decor design magazine-worthy homes? None came to mind. In addition, that someone had to be 100% comfortable with us dragging stuff around their home, and basically give us full reign of their living space. Almost impossible. Nope, not going to work either.

Then I thought, what about my own place? At least I can do whatever I want in it. Although I can't say that I have interesting decor! Not exactly the exciting photoshoot that I was hoping to have. The clincher: I found out that the mobile lights needed to be placed some distance away from the model, and the apartment most likely wouldn't be large enough.

So, how?

Well, I haven't made a decision yet.

But I'm confident no matter what the outcome, I will Make It Work!

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charm. said...

yes indeed! Make It Work!! that shall be my new motto too!!!