Mailing Lists & Milestones

Hihi! to all the people out there who've signed up for the Dotted Line mailing list.

Thank you for the invitation to invade your Inbox - we* are flattered by the interest. We're building up a nice little list here and can't wait to notify you when the shop is up!

If you haven't signed up yet (& why not, huh?) drop by Dotted Line to get yourself on the list!

* "We", I think denotes the shop & I - I know it's technically just me behind the scenes but it just seems appropriate to say "We"

On to Other Things....

Clothing Labels, Namecards and Tags

I am glad to report that the clothing labels are finally in production. Yay!

So are the namecards and paper tags, which are getting printed by the same supplier. I did the final OK this morning and am really glad to get this bit out of the way.

I made a ton of namecards, so if you meet me anytime after next Friday (which is when I'm picking them up) you'll likely find one forced upon you. They're actually very nice indeed (aside from the obvious bias, they are) so I'm sure you'll be happy to receive one.

Next big event on the (dotted) time line:

The Photoshoot

Yup, we have a photoshoot planned!

Very exciting indeed, especially for someone like me, who has absolutely zero experience in fashion photography.

I'm lucky to have a very helpful photographer, David (Lisa's bf) and Karen, who is my defacto stylist/adviser. Both extremely accomodating and reassuring people. I feel safe in their hands!

My model, I meet next week.

Next up on my To Do list - finding a suitable makeup artist, making sure all the clothes are ready in time for the shoot, and sourcing for appropriate props and accessories.

Girlfriends, you might find me coming to you asking for loans of jewellery, handbags or shoes ("1 vintage clutch and 1 pair size 6 black patent peep toed pumps, please")

I'm also on the lookout for interesting furniture - side tables and chairs. If you have anything that you think might work and you'd like to volunteer, give me a shout!


yun-jo said...

when you're in NY, you can take my measurement and tell me what size i am so that i can order on-line!

dot said...

I'll remember to bring my tape measure!

Stereoette said...

too bad you're not in NYC... i know a great makeup artist here! her name is elke... http://beautynews.blogspot.com/