A MAAD, MAAD day....

Here are some pictures of the madbeautiful stall, kindly taken by Jimmy, Karen's husband with their super digital SLR camera!

MAAD 006

MAAD 007

And those are Karen's lamps in the background (the pink one got sold) . Here are shots of her stall - just check out those gorgeous journals!


More pictures of her stuff here - you can contact her via her website Baked Ideas to buy.

And guess who I met??

Chu Ling of LingGlass - our very own, top Etsy seller from Singapore!
She was so bubbly and enthusiastic, it was great to finally meet her in person. And she turned out to be a friend of a friend.

chu ling & i at maad

The other highlight was meeting Sagmeister, who according to Karen & Jimmy, is THE most famous graphic designer in the world. I don't know who he is, but I'll take their word for it. So yeah, I saw a design celebrity in the flesh.

So how were sales? So-so. I did sell my latest bag, and a skirt (whoo hoo - always happy when my clothing articles sell). But it was good publicity and exposure, and I got to interact with real, live customers. I will be at MAAD for the next 3 weeks, if not for anything but to hone my selling skills!


Alicia said...

Hey woman, sounds like it was a great afternoon! Sorry again that I couldn't be there, my family get-together dragged on till just before dinner time.

Your stuff looks great as always! I must pass you the 'interesting vintage clothes' I've been hording.

LiN said...

Wow! U met Ling Glass! Tat's so cool!! She's a real inspiration, top seller on Etsy from our very own tiny Singapore!

dot said...

yeah, isn't that cool?
i was so pleased to meet her, it was an unexpected surprise!