Have been working on web content and also the printing of my clothes labels & tags this week.
This means figuring out a whole lot of operational stuff before I'm able to put it down in my FAQ section, and working out a "voice" for Dotted Line. I'm still not done, but the rest of today will be dedicated to finishing off this task.

So far, the labels have proved disappointing. At least the first sample I saw was. It was so far off from the design that Karen did! According to the printing company, their machines are having problems handling the label's small details. However, it's in the process of being tweaked, and I'll see a 2nd sample soon. I hope it goes well, otherwise the design will need to be reworked.

I'll also be taking a break from MAAD this Sunday, but I'll be back at the market on the 30th July!

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Gambatte Dotty!