Dotted Line - The Logo


I am most excited to formally introduce the Dotted Line logo, designed by the brilliant Karen!

Like Karen says on her Snog Blog - it's no secret anymore because I've started distributing namecards at MAAD. Some of you might also have seen it via the shop's URL that's in my email signature.

For a further sneak peek, please visit the Dotted Line website where you can sign up to be one of the first few people to know when we launch!

I just viewed a 2nd draft of my clothing label samples today - they are much, much improved - a far cry from the 1st sample, which Kisu aptly described as the "cheap Chinese pirated version". (You have to see it to truly understand how spot on this description is)

I almost freaked out when I saw the first sample. This company was highly recommended by several people, and I've seen some of their work for other labels, which I thought was very good. So I was quite disappointed with their first effort - the font type was completely OFF! They had somehow managed to elongate the font.

Thank goodness they made up for it by trying all sorts of methods to fix the error (using a different weaving technique, threads of various thickness, etc). The picture definition and overall effect is far better, and it's looking at least decent right now.

There is still some final tweaking to do, so I have to endure a 3rd review before I signoff. How this word reminds me of my former work; & how very glad I am that I'm now doing the signing off instead being the one trying to get everybody else's approval!!!


Stereoette said...

i totally cant wait for your line to come out! i signed up for the mailing list and am waiting with bated breath...

dot said...

thank you for the vote of confidence! I can't wait for when the shop starts!

charm. said...

looking forward to the clothes dear!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! :) Can't wait to see the clothes!


Esther said...

i went to your website yesterday to see if there was anything up, and signed up for the mailing list already :)

dot said...

hihi! yes, i saw your name on my mailing list!!! thank you for signing up!