Crafty & Clothing Adventures

charmaine has been asking me to make passport covers for the longest time.
And selena has been telling me that she thinks interesting and well designed homewares would sell like hotcakes.

So in a break from bag making (always fun to try something new) I decided that I would try working on some new items.

This is what I came up with - my passport holder:



I also made a little ruffly cover for the Ikea stool that I use when sewing...forgot to take a picture but will post some other time.

They're really great because they are relatively quick to do and so pander to my need for instant gratification.

In line with 'expanding my crafting horizons', I've been going on a bit of a crazy craft shopping spree. I bought some cute pieces of fabric and scored 2 beautifully photographed crafting books at last weekend's Border's sale - at 35% off! They are all lovely but I have to say that In Print by Cath Kidston is a favourite because of the gorgeous prints and the photographs which are such a pleasure to look at.

New Craft Books

Have also discovered 'a whole new world'....of Japanese craft books!

I started out looking for clothes pattern drafting books but was not impressed with the designs. Lots of too simple baggy stuff in linen type looking fabric, in khaki, grey, black, white, blue. Very reminiscent of Muji. Was quite disappointed because Japanese fashion magazines have such fashion forward and nice clothes. You'd think the dressmaking books would keep with the standard..but alas.

Ah, but the little handicraft books for stuff like bags, home decor items, little trinkets and toys are beautiful - every page was filled with wonderfully simple but adorable stuff. Little purses, coasters, tea cosys, baby shoes, pin cushions, book covers.....

I figure the books are dual duty - I can get my crafting fix, and Kisu can work on brushing up his Japanese by translating all the crafting instructions for me. Heh heh.

The other fun and new thing that I did yesterday (yay for new experiences!) was a clothes swap.

A bunch of us had old clothes that we needed to clear, and I suggested participating in a flea market to make some cash. But then we thought, why not check out all the items to see if there was anything we wanted first? The remnants could then go toward the flea.

There are actually very organised ways of doing clothes swaps..which seem to be quite popular overseas. You can find detailed instructions on the web on how to carry one out - but we ended up not really following the rules.

It was actually quite noisy and messy at Alicia's place where we did the swap. People all came thinking that no one would want their stuff, but we managed a number of good trades! Pandemonium broke out (sorry to alicia's parents who were trying to sleep) when we started. We were all, at the same time, pulling items from our respective piles and giving the history of each item while trying very hard to "sell" the item. i.e. "I bought this from Hong Kong - see it's brand new!!! But it looks weird on me" or "This is my favourite shirt! I can't wear it now because my belly shows..please someone save my favourite leopard print shirt!"

One too many pleas to "save their favourite shirts" later - I had to remind them to accept the fact that it was destined for the flea heap.

I was most pleased with my loot - I got a great, brand new stretchy dress from Esther (my fav item) and some other T-shirt tops which would be great for casual occasions or just for lazing around the house.

You know the old saying - one (wo)man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure!


Alicia said...

Was very happy to have everyone over! There was such a carnivalesque atmosphere, multi-coloured chaos ... and the necessary noise-level of a bustling marketplace.

My folks were bribed into passivity by Selena's generous basket of still-warm savoury muffins. I on the other hand successfully 'framed' little Gareth - Selena thought that he had walloped the entire packet all by himself, heh.

If I might add another suggestion to your quick-fix creations - I abs fell in love with Anthropologie's range of must have tea towels and aprons when I was in Georgetown (Washington D.C.) last month. Do check them out! (http://www.anthropologie.com/)

Jovien said...

Those fabrics are very nice! Where did you get them?

Zann said...

Hey! I toyed with the idea of having a swap meet too! Will definitely consult you for pointers on how to hold a successful one!