A bevy of Bottlecap Pincushions

I actually managed to make 8 of these this morning. Was rushing them out as gifts for my ex-classmates at fashion design school. Luckily they involved minimal sewing and lots of glueing. Not many other people would really need pincushions, I suppose.

The bottlecaps were collected over the weekend - I kept badgering Kisu to buy bottles of drinks from the supermarket - of course I dictated what he could buy because I needed only specific coloured caps! My dear kind hubby obliged...and the rest were contributed by Karen & Jimmy. I even asked the bartender at MAAD if I could have caps left over from his empty mixer bottles. Unfortunately at the end of the day, he told me he had none. Guess that tells you how many people drank at MAAD.

The "i sew" badges are customised, and I got them from Corinne of Not Too Pink on Etsy. They're also meant as gifts. I love the whimsical drawing of the little sewing machine, and the pink & green combo!

pins & buttons 1




Karen said...

They look wonderful! Wow, you really post often. I hadn't come in less than a week and there are so many new posts!

dot said...

very erratic. i'll post when there's something to show or tell - MAAD's very good at motivating me to make more stuff!

Anonymous said...

Very nice the buttons!!! can I buy one? charm.

Alicia said...

Ah! SO CUTE!!!

LiN said...

Nowadays, I read your blog first coz I know there will be nice pics and new posts! Oh so cute, complete with the lil ribbons!

And thanks again for lettin me in on MAAD.

dot said...

wah stress man!!!