Wednesdays are my favourite days...

...or at least the start of my two favourite days of the week, Wednesday & Thursday.


Wednesdays I get to watch Singapore Idol and Project Runway on Channel 5
Thursdays I get to watch Singapore Idol on 5 and Project Runway on Channel 16

Project Runway - obvious why I like this. My fav is Chloe (she reminds me of Kara Saun from Season 1 - fast, technically competent and intelligently solves each design brief); Santino is such a freak. Jay from S1 was also rather freaky but at least he was nice. Santino is just an arrogant asshole.

Singapore Idol - well, I started watching the auditions and felt compelled to watch it since. It's rather sad, I know - the standard is pretty poor. I can't believe that they actually let some of these people sing live on National TV. But no choice right, if there's a lack of talent. I guess they just need someone to fill those 28 places! I actually like watching the not-so-good performances because I know there will be scathing remarks from the judges (especially Ken) after. Not very nice of me, but at least it's more interesting than hearing compliments right left and centre.

It's great to have TV options after going TV-less on Mondays & Tuesdays. I guess there is Desperate Housewives on Monday, but I'm not supposed to watch that. The "tradition" of watching TV series in our home is: Wait till the entire season is out on DVD and watch everything in 1 weekend! Ditto for Grey's Anatomy & Lost. So don't tell me what happened!!!

Oh and yes, I realise there is a dearth of photos lately, but I've become used to running around without my camera. I know it's much more interesting to look at pictures rather than read a ton of words on the blog. Went to the newly reopened Tiong Bahru market yesterday and wanted to take a photo, but then realised, oops no camera! For anyone who plans on venturing near there, don't even think about getting a space at the open air carpark at the top.

On the clothes front, I decided that it was best to keep everything under wraps until it's ready to be unveiled on the website. After all, I can't let the cat out of the bag now, can I?

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