Some Pictures at Last..and no it's not of clothes!

These are girls that I've known since I was 10.

They are my primary, secondary and JC (though not all) classmates. It is actually quite freaky when you realise that you've known one another for more than 20 years.

A few of us keep in constant touch, but this was quite a different thing altogether. We met for tea on Sunday, at the hotel that Jeanette works at. It was quite the reunion - it was a pretty large group, and we had far-flung friends like Alicia and Lindy being back on holiday from London & the US. I also hadn't seen Enyuan since..I don't even remember when!

Alicia & Lyn

alicia & lyn

Selena of the fabulous The Apothecakery bakery (homebaked goodness!) and I

sel & pm

Stella, Shing & Li Hwei

stel, shing, lihwei

Lindy, Enyuan & Jeanette

I remember Enyuan used to called me a multicoloured chicken back in school.
Why, I have absolutely no idea...

lindy enyuan jeanette

The past few days have been great, lazy days of tea and lunch. Not doing much work at all, but how nice to catch up!

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