This is what my workroom looked like in the morning...long lost material resurrected from my store of squashed up plastic bags

Messy Room 1

And the results

Hobo Bag

Phew, lots of work, man! I don't know if I can make anymore for MAAD.
I always start out very motivated, then halfway through, especially as I'm cutting the fabric & interfacing (I hate this bit the most) I always remind myself that the effort is so NOT worth my time, and the next time, I should pay someone to do this for me, and just stick to the design bit.

But I am glad that I tried this design and a few new things, like topstitching the straps and adding the button loop. It was quite fun seeing the bag take shape. I wasn't too sure about the orange lining at first but went with instinct and I like how it turned out!!


Anonymous said...

SO NICE!!! def worth the effort!!!Charm.

Alicia said...

I also say!

Alicia said...
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