Obsessive Blogging Behaviour?!

Yesterday, the hub pointed out that I've crossed the 10,000 threshold on the webcounter for this blog. At least half of that must be attributed to my randomly clicking and viewing my own blog ever so often. As to the other half of 'authentic' hits, thank you to my dear friends and readers who visit regularly!

Is there such a thing as blog narcissism??

Besides my constant blog checking, I also have the habit of clicking on my online store's URL every once in a while to look at it, even though I know that there is nothing more than the 2 "Under Construction" sentences.

Weird?! Well, I guess it makes me feel proud to look at it, even though all it is now is an empty shell. Once in a while, the thought strikes me that I can't believe I've actually come this far in this venture. The site is a nice affirmation of this fact, I suppose. Perhaps it's a motivational tool - a way to envision and remind me of the end state and keep me going in the meantime.


Alicia said...

I am guilty of narcissistic behavior too! At least I can come out of the closet now :)

yun-jo said...

don't give up on the blog! it's part of my daily web browsing ritual and i'd miss it tremendously if you stopped with your posting. i'm so proud that you've come this far and i can't wait to see your first collection of clothes!