Load off my mind..& the dreaded Textile centre

Our car had turned into a fabric warehouse of sorts.

Rolls of fabric, wrapped in brown paper and plastic bags filled with lining and other assorted sewing goodies had taken over the boot (or trunk, if you're American) and back seat.

It was time to reclaim the space.

The reason for all that fabric: My first seamstress had decided that she could not cope with all the designs I had given her, and had returned me the supplies for half of the lot. So I had to handover those supplies to seamstress # 2. But before I could do that, I needed to make 2 more fabric runs. I decided that I wanted to make a ruffly blouse in a 2nd colour, so I had to buy fabric for that, plus some other assorted supplies (buckles, washing labels) which I had not been able to find in Chinatown.

I went to Arab Street on Monday, and the textile centre on Tuesday. I dread the Textile centre, particularly its horrid decrepit and rather quiet carpark, even though there are loads of wholesale items at deeply discounted prices to be found in the complex. The building itself is dull, dingy and dimly lit - in short, not the most pleasant place to be in. One of the upper floor houses a shady "massage parlour" which I am very sure provides "special" service. When I peeked in, the interior was bathed in a red glow, and several heavily made up women were sitting around, presumably waiting for customers.

On top of that, it is really irritating that I have to enter, exit and re-enter CBD, thus paying double ERP when I drive there and back. So Textile Centre - do not like. But no choice, I see myself having to go back quite often.

Anyway, by the end of yesterday, with the exception of a bag of denim, I had managed to rid myself of all the stuff in the car after unloading my stuff at Seamstress #2. It's a huge load of my mind (& car) and it means sewing is in progress! Which means samples are in progress! Yay!


Anonymous said...

wish i could have been there with you! maybe make it a bit less dreadful :D

see you soon dear! haven't gotten over the weeks of leisurely shopping + tea with you! charm.

LiN said...

Hope you were able to find the washing labels. I saw them at Textile centre.