all quiet on the dotted front...

hey folks, it's been a little quiet lately. Been slightly under the weather. i've got a cough & stuffy nose - and while not completely debilitating, it does make me want to just crawl under the sheets & sleep. Not in the most productive frame of mind.

The last week was spent meeting and trying out new seamstresses - I found some through an ad in the papers. This meant meeting up to pass them supplies and discuss the designs etc. I'm expecting the clothes back this week, so I'm excited but trying to manage my expectations in case I'm terribly disappointed.

The entire exercise of calling Chinese Classifieds and trying to place an ad in Mandarin was most interesting At first I tried to get Jenny (one of my most effectively bilingual friends) to help me translate my English ad but it turned out that the resourceful & thoughtful people at SPH actually provide a translation service! You read your ad to them over the phone in English & the will translate on the spot! Ah. Now I know. Was rather impressed. SPH some more.

The other thing I was working on was my MAAD application. The Market for Artists & Designers is meant for original creative work and it's a weekly market that starts July 2. The market is going to be held at red dot design museum - that's the former traffic police HQ opposite Maxwell market that is now painted a traffic stopping red.

MAAD's as close to a craft fair as you will get in Singapore so I'd like to be a part of it- these sort of things seem so rare! At the usual fleamarkets, handmade designs have to compete with cheap mass-marketed items or 2nd hand goods. Handmade stuff is made with lots of love and in small quantities (sometimes even one-of-a-kind) - it's just not meant to be compared with mass marketed items and the usual fleas are not the ideal place to sell. MAAD is restricted to original designs, so it's a completely different platform altogether and it would be nice to meet other likeminded people.

I've submitted my application (part of the application requires you to show that you have some "MAAD factors" like originality, aesthetics, functionality etc). Now only to wait for the assessment & reply back from them. The assessors are pretty highbrow - senior ppl from Philips & BMW Designworks, AND Wykidd Song of Song & Kelly fame. Perhaps they are looking for more highclass stuff, I don't know. But nevermind. I figure it's OK to just try.

My identity/web designer Karen is also trying for a space. Check out her lovelies at Baked Ideas


charmaine said...

dotted everything! I love!!

Toon said...

Dotty, good luck with MAAD! Hope you are feeling better ok!

Anonymous said...

hi, just stumbled across your blog. May I know what if MAAD is like a craft/arts market or more of a 'designer' market?

LiN said...

Hi! Am still working on my application for MAAD...yikes! Btw, THE NAME is great, very simple yet easy to remember. Get well soon!

dot said...

hi everybody! thanks for the get well wishes..i'm subsisting on strepsils cough syrup for now and at least my voice seems to be returning!!

as for MAAD, I'm really not sure whether it's for amateur craftsters, or for more highbrow designers. The website only states "original creative works", but I got approached after one of the staff saw my stuff at the recent Zouk flea, so I suppose I at least qualify to apply!!