The week so far

I spent Monday meeting with my seamstress - I may have scared her off by my lengthy discussion on the garments that I wanted her to sew. I pulled out each and every pattern piece, showed her the thread, zippers, labels etc etc.

I tend to try and explain in lots of detail, just in case. Maybe it comes from being a Project Manager, where you do everything like you're writing Idiot's Guide To _.

I'm working on a wrap dress design now. It's seems to be progressing OK. I've promised myself that I should get 4 more designs out this week - 2 new and 2 to be ready for sampling.

The elusive name still remains, uh, elusive.

But on the bright side, I think I have found the perfect webdesigner. I'm still finalising details but she happens to also be a graphic designer - and so can also handle my logo & collateral design. Plus she's crafty to boot! What more can one ask for?


Alicia said...

Hey it's great that you've found the web person, making big strides already :) The perfect name will come soon, I'm sure ... in a flash of blinding brilliance!

dot said...

yeah, i just finalised with her today. she's great - got a tonne of ideas! and the name. you're right. it will come...but it better be SOON!!!

iceblueorb said...

project manager + designer = extra brilliant dress designer! I think your PM skills make you a better designer!!