The week in retrospect

I remember starting this blog and having to decide on a blog name.
somehow it came pretty easily....and i liked the double meaning, 'measures' you know?
Hah! Little did I know how lucky I was then! Darn this new shop name!

My previous post on having found a suitable name? well, it's been discarded after some thought. Still not THE one. Very frustrating...I spent this afternoon looking at books at Kinokuniya, trying to find inspiration from the titles. I've done the same thing at Borders and also at a CD shop (with album names). Even picked random words from a thesaurus!! To date, nothing. Zero. Zilch.

Well - perhaps if I stopped trying so hard it will come to me soon. I'm trying not to think too much about how the lack of a name is an obvious bottleneck in the process! It is most definitely on the critical path. Grrr.

Anyway, on to other things. The week was spent:

1) Trying to figure out a toga top I'm drafting. The most frustrating thing ever! I spent more time than I would have liked to spend on something like that! The darned thing just wouldn't look right. I made 3 toiles and revised the draft just as many times. The 2nd one turned out sort of OK, and I was going to go with that with some slight changes..but then I decided that those minor changes were not going to work. And I got so frustrated and pissed off because I wasn't pleased with it. So I redrafted from scratch, using an alternative method which had darts. It seemed to work because it looks half decent now, but I still have to amend the neckline a little. With the kind of time and effort I spent on this thing, I have a good mind to price it accordingly!!

2) Drafting a pattern for a new knit sundress. I'm rushing out the pattern because it, together with my pencil skirt and chiffon skirt, is going to be made into a sample, and I need to hand all the patterns over to my seamstress tomorrow. Making samples is basically a process to check out the standard of her work, as well as see what the final product will look like for the 1st time (in the actual selected fabric for that garment). Changes can be made accordingly after reviewing the sample (thus avoiding mass disaster!) before production goes in full swing.

3) Buying fabric for samples. Thursday was spent lugging fabric from Arab Street to Chinatown (where I go for classes) in the blazing hot sun. Urgh. And then I bought some more from the Chinatown complex. Got this really cute polka dotted (again! but who can resist?) satin stuff there. I couldn't find this yellow knit from Chinatown, so had to go to Spotlight on Sat to look for it. After comparing colours, I ditched the original plan of yellow for this pretty turquoise. It was damn expensive though! As usual, Spotlight never lets you down. Double the price of the Chinatown stores.

4) Making the dress. On a whim, I decided that I would like to make the sundress myself on Sunday using a floral print fabric that I had bought a long time ago. I'm still going to get the sample made though, but I thought it would be great to get a preview, and get a new dress! Was pretty fast and easy - thank goodness the overlock machine was cooperative - it was relatively painless and quick!

Ruffle Dress Side 1

Oh and the 2nd Season of Project Runway is airing this Wed! Yay! I know cable's already started showing it...but aiyah. I don't have cable leh. Oh, and I get to watch it on our new couch! Yes, we bought a new couch - after months of searching - the endless number of times we trawled through Barang Barang finally paid off. We found a comfy one that isn't too big...and it's coming on Wednesday afternoon. Ha! Just in time!

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LiN said...

Love the black and red colors on the dress! and YAY!!!! Project Runway is back!