A top for Kisu's Mum

I've decided to can the placemat project.

My samples didn't turn out very well and I wasn't really willing to put in too much time or effort into them to find the right fabric/ fix the sewing problems.

The tricky bit is that placemats must have absolutely square corners..which I realised aren't actually all that easy to do! Fabric tends to stretch as you're sewing see, and you need to constantly block the fabric to get nice 90 degree angles (which of course I was too lazy to do)

Instead, I embarked on another project to make Kisu's mum a top for her upcoming birthday. I borrowed the pattern from my sewing teacher who's about her size (I'm guessing). It was really easy and quick to sew. Luckily for that because I only started on the sewing last Friday. The only timeconsuming bit was the lining which had to be handsewn, mostly. I hope she likes it; I'm bringing it with me to San Francisco when I fly tomorrow. Going to post it there so that it reaches her faster!

kisu's mom's top

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