The search for a brand name

Most of you who meet up with me regularly are aware that I've been on the hunt for a brand name for my upcoming clothing line for the longest time, and have been absolutely STUMPED so far.

I'd started thinking about this early enough. On my PC desktop is a file called "Shop Names". Checkin the File Properties tab tells me I created this file on March 13. But trust me, I started way before that.

Each time I come across a word in a magazine, something I see or inpsires me that I think might vaguely fit as a brand name, I add it to this list. So far, I've amassed more than a hundred names, and still none of them was good enough. Too cute, too generic, already taken. I even resorted to opening the Bible and looking for some random words or inspiration.

Well, since I couldn't come up with a satisfactory one, and because I think brand names important enough that they shouldn't be arbitrarily chosen, I decided that it was best to keep the name search at the back of my mind in the hope that my mind would subconscriously work on it, and one day, scream "Eureka!" when the appropriate name popped up. I've read these Entrepreneurship books which say that you'll just instinctively know it's the right name when you see it. Much like being in love, it seems.

In the meantime, I worked on stuff that I could progress on like pattern drafting and fabric shopping.

Well, the search for a name really came to a head in the last few days - I've reached the stage where I can start garment production. Yesterday, I called my seamstress and I'm meeting her this coming week to start her off on some sample pieces. I'd also been thinking that I need to start website design soon too. But,

NO brand name =
Can't request designer to work on logo/ collateral design =
NO Logo & NO website name =
Can't start work on website & NO label to sew on clothes!!!!

Well this morning, after tossing in bed, I got up at 4.15am with a name that I think will work. I'm hoping it will work, but there's some research yet to be done before finalising.

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