ready to flea

Managed to secure a place at the upcoming Zouk Flea & Easy flea market (Sunday, June 4) as part of Cleo's Young Entrepreneurs Showcase!!

I saw a little blurb in Cleo and wrote in with pics of my stuff and finally got confirmed. I've seen ads before for the flea, and have always wanted to go but never actually did make it down even though I live so damn close! haha..lazy lah.

Anyway, it apparently is held sporadically - every 3 months or so and it's a market cum afternoon party. You can bring your pets there, drink, smoke & shop at the same time. Just realised that people actually ballot for spaces there so I'm really glad I got one through the mag!

I'm bringing my bag stash down - but there's 3 weeks till the market and i want to make some new stuff (most likely more bags) for sale. Crap it's going to be a busy couple weeks for me, because I don't want to slow down on the clothes production either. So I'm now planning the schedule for next week, which will involve lots of sewing, meeting up with people and fabric buying.

Anyway, more news on this later...i don't even know that much myself. I asked about much space I would get for 1 slot, whether tables are provided, etc - but I've been told that they can only get back to me after Zouk determines my slot position & size.

So I've taken to digging through local forums and googling like mad to find out more about the event. It's been interesting reading so far - sounds like Zouk offers better quality and more interesting stuff than some of the other ongoing flea markets around. Thing is that I've participated in a couple of these flea market things before, and what I've encountered are people who come are expecting dirt cheap buys (they seem to love digging through piles of "3 for $10" type things) or 2nd hand brand labels. I don't know if it's really the best place to showcase 1st hand, self designed goods. But at $20 a slot, it's definitely worth a try!


LiN said...

Tat's great! I emailed them to get a slot but to date no reply. I'll still be there, store or not!

LiN said...

Thks! I heard that usually there is a ballot but this time round since its held by Cleo, I thought I'll wait for the email reply or call fr Cleo first? Anyway, good luck!