Fabric Frenzy

My boot (or trunk if you're American) is a- chockful of fabric.

This is all part of the race against time to meet the clothing production deadline, which is mid June. The past week was spent drafting furiously - for all patterns to be ready by Friday. Once the patterns are ready, I estimate the yardage of fabric required per design and it's time for fabric shopping.

Usually fabric shopping is quite stressful, at least for me. I have a design, and a fabric in mind, but usually I can't find it! And then I end up going in circles - stressed because I can't find something suitable, looking at possible alternatives and wondering if they'd do instead, and then finding it hard to compromise. And then get stressed about how I'll have to go back empty handed, etc. etc. But now the reverse is also true; I've been stocking up on fabric that I like - without knowing what I might turn it into when I buy it. The only thing is, that with the latter approach, yardage estimation isn't quite as accurate. I think I'm going to have to strike a balance between both methods.

Tuesday - Round 1 of Fabric Shopping at Chinatown

I went with Charmaine, who is on 1 month garden leave. Since she needed material for her 10 shift dresses that she'd asked me to help her with, I suggested an excursion to Chinatown. She loved the fabric choices there - we've been to Arab Street before, but they sell mainly silks and laces - more eveningwear-ish type stuff. Not suitable for shift dresses! But it was quite a fruitful day - a good variety and I managed to nab some great tweedy looking material, and a lovely lace which I think will make a nice skirt. The tweed will probably be converted into cropped jackets! We ended up with a huge load of fabric, thank goodness the car was parked nearby. My arms would have dropped off if I had to carry them any further.

Thursday, I go for Round 2 at Arab Street, and I may also venture to Sin Mui Heng at Textile Centre. I have never been to their wholesale store (I've been to their branch at Chinatown though) but I really should since I'm buying large quantities this time.

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