Work has Started

For people who have accused me of indulging in a tai-tai lifestyle...

This is no longer true!!! (Although the occasional mani-pedi-facial-massage tea session cannot be avoided...)

Work has started on the yet-to-be-named (but will NOT be named after me) online store that I am starting. Nope, not the madbeautiful store which is now riding on etsy for homemade stuff. I'm talking about a proper self-contained shopping website. And it will be a clothing store. Well, at least I haven't decided if bags will still be in the picture, but clothes - most definitely.

So I've set myself a deadline of 3 months - 1 July 2006. I'm not even sure what the deadline entails - it may be a soft launch, successfully producing half the line of clothes - whatever - I just need some target dates to get myself started.

Actual work began last Friday - I'd already drawn up a couple of prototypes of the designs that I wanted to work on - and I started (after a 3 month break) to draft garment patterns again. It's rather tiring being on your feet the entire day - I tend to get carried away doing stuff like this - you're just dying to see results so you keep going. It took me longer than expected - I'm putting this down to lack of practice - which hopefully will improve!

Design wise - my taste keeps changing - what I liked just a mere month back suddenly doesn't look as appealing. So I spend my time (when watching TV in the evenings) sketching and re-sketching more designs and looking at magazines for inspiration.

I'm also looking forward to going back to Kadomay for my dressmaking classes - I miss the company - seriously being at home the entire day by myself is driving me a little crazy. This will also improve when I have to go out and about to buy my supplies, but right now there's no real need to do that yet.

There will be pictures coming up, just that lighting sucks now so I can't post anything!


Alicia said...

Hey please PLEASE post the pictures/designs whenever they're ready ... I want to order! Must queue or not?

iceblueorb said...

hello dear! just back. I'll email you tomorrow re: the thing we talked about :P