Shanghai Tang

Off to Shanghai for 5 days, leaving tonight!

It's a girls only trip with Jackie & Juliana - our other travel kaki Janet, unfortunately, being (we think) entirely too conscientious has decided to sit this one out due to work commitments.

Just last year, at about the same time, we made our maiden "3Js & a D" voyage to Bangkok. We had so much fun, we decided to do it again before any of us get preggers and house (& singapore) bound. Why does this particular combination of 4 ex-colleagues work on a holiday together? Our common holiday objectives: None of that touristy crap - NO clubbing - just shopping, good food, with spa pampering and good old fashioned gossip thrown in for good measure. In Bangkok, we happily skipped meals to maximise shopping time - the 3 ladies bought up a storm, while I, the not-so-avid shopper, was extremely happy to window shop (aka "market research"). Bear in mind - these are the same people who take leave to recce, and then go for Zara sales.

While last year's trip was wholly R&R, I'll treat this one as part business. I've been told that fabric (silk!) abounds at great prices in Shanghai - so while my friends are doing their custom tailoring, I'm on the lookout for some great fabric for my debut collection at the fabric market.

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