Dressmaking & Photoshop-ing

In between drafting and sewing, I've started walking through the Photoshop "Classroom in a Book" lessons. Quite fun, but I've just barely learned the basics of photo retouching.

Here's a sample - using my latest dress as model. I'm still not very happy with the results - I think my lighting still isn't very good and all that white muslin agaist the white mannequin isn't helping.

Pre Photoshop

Dress 5.3

Post Photoshop

Dress 5.3.1

As for making the dress iteself: It was pretty fast doing up the first draft - but then the sleeves were a real killer. I kept redrawing them a thousand times, trying to figure out what the best width was and where exactly on the shoulder I wanted it to lie.

Off to work on another dress!


Alicia said...

Hello my dear! Photoshop does make quite a difference, it looks good! Dress is galaxy-esque, no? Are you taking orders? :) I'm serious!!!

Tatyana said...

You could use photoshop to make either the dress or the mannequin a different color. :)

dot said...

hey alicia, yeah i guess it is - i love roland mouret! i'll gladly take orders, but give me some time, lady! i'm still working on it!

Alicia said...

Ok ok ... sorry, don't want to stress you out - but I'd like to 'chope' one whenever it's on the market. Not sure how my hips will look in it ('pushing the limits' perhaps), but I abs love that design! What material are you thinking of having it in?

Will be in Singapore end-June ... see you then??? :)

LiN said...

Sweet dress! Love the sleeves..