Done is Better than Perfect

I stumbled upon Rostichery's craft site today with the post: "Done is Better than Perfect".

Completion as opposed to perfection - this is an interesting concept.

As with any aspiring entrepreneur, there are the inevitable concerns regarding success and profitability. I have fallen into the rut of critically appraising each and every garment I make, each design I sketch - and repeatedly asking myself "What can I do to make this more salable?"

I turn each design over and over in my mind - Will the consumer like it?? What can I add? What can I change? Maybe if I added a little frill here, or some puff sleeves here (everyone loves a puff sleeve, after all) it would make it just that much more attractive and desirable to the buyer.

So on and on it goes - it's a terrible thing to think this way. My constant questioning in the quest for THE perfect design (economically speaking) not only resulted in much self-doubt, worse, it paralysed my ability to proceed.

Kisu had to remind me to just do my own thing (the important thing being doing) and let the market decide instead of making up predictions of market movements in my head.

So that's what I'm going to be concentrating on for the next few months - to quote Rostichery - " ...getting past the goal of perfection and onto the goal of completion."

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