Blouse II

Here is the 2nd prototype - my bib blouse! I will probably use lace or something patterned for the bib section. It has a wavy little peplum (section below the waist) as well. Was fun and easy to do - managed to draft & sew everything within 1/2 a day.

Got lazy about finishing the armholes and neckline (I couldn't find a long enough strip of bias piping) so i just sewed a running stitch along the raw edges.

Bib Blouse

Edit: Spot the Difference!

made some changes to the blouse - and finished the armholes & neckline properly this time!

Bib blouse Revised


Tatyana said...

I usually don't like vintage-y styled stuff, but I really like this. I think it would look nice as a dress. Keep up the good work!

Toon said...

cute blouse dotty! would be quite sexy if the body is deviously see through and the bip opaque??!! :)