An actual garment -SOLD-

I haven't made a real garment in a loooooong time - most of my stuff are toiles as you can see from the last couple posts.

Which I love, because there are no seams to finish, you never have to insert buttons or anything of that sort. Great for lazy people like me - it's fast (instant gratification!) and you get to see an almost complete garment.

Anyway - this is a long overdue skirt. I actually bought this fabric together with Selena while we were shopping in Arab street for my wedding cheongsam material, I think! It's made out of brown satin, plus a pinkish-brown chiffon overlay and gathers at the front.

I finished most of it before the wedding, but then stopped halfway. So in a bid to just get it out of the way I've been working on it on off for the last 2 days (inserting the zipper - which I hate, especially with materials like satin! and finishing the waistband)

~ SOLD ~


chiffon skirt 2


Yun-Jo said...

i love the chiffon overlay & the color!

dot said...

thank you! i'm glad you like!

Stereoette said...

i cant remember if i posted a response to this on craftster or not, but i adore this skirt! it would go w/ so much in my closet... dont you want to send it to me?? ;o)

Anonymous said...

I like the skirt. Can I have the pattern.

Arlene in Cold UK