Revival of the Etsy Store

Returning from post-wedding hiatus , I spent today uploading new stuff at the madbeautiful etsy store. This included a skirt i made some time back (this is my 2nd clothing item in the store - I'm really glad the first one moved pretty quickly and am hoping for the same for this piece), and a printed ring pillow.

Ever since I saw ring pillows fashioned from vintage print fabric and handkerchiefs in a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, I was determined to sew one for my own wedding. Which I did! Those of you who were there would remember Gareth the ringbearer happily swinging the pillow by its ribbon down the aisle.

I'm so glad that I made my own - especially since I'm actually able to! - and didn't end up just buy one off the shelf. Besides, it makes for a much better story for the grandkids! I had so much fun making it (plus I think printed pillows are so cute as opposed to the typical beige, cream and white ones) that I thought I'd try putting up a few for sale.

Here's the pillow I made today

Ring Pillow 1

and with my teeny madbeautiful tag on the back!

awwww...so proud!

Ring Pillow Back

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