New York Loot

Here's my list of stuff from NY - for those of you who are interested....

  1. 1 Evening Gown (for wedding)
  2. 4 pairs of shoes - including one damn good Valentino buy from Neiman Marcus! (2 pairs are for the wedding)
  3. 2 little shrugs from Zara - I know we have Zara here, but they were an irresistable US$9 each!
  4. Couple dresses and tops from Forever 21 - cheaper in the US
  5. Camisole top from The Limited
  6. Couple comfy PJ pants & tote from Old Navy
  7. Vintage Pattern Book from The Drama Bookshop
  8. 16 Yards of Fabric from MOODs Fabric Store
  9. French Curve (it's a design thing)
  10. DVDs
  11. Loads of trashy mags - i.e. US, WE - US$1.99 each!

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