Last Time I Visited School

My last visit to school was on the 20th of February, where I had lunch with Afton, Cessa and Chyi Yi, and then actually sat in on half of Desmond's class! He was very kind and let me just hang around while he instructed the class on their latest illustration course. That's when I also picked up my exam results and found out that I had passed all my requisite subjects - phew!

Here are the pics of the girls in class - this is the type of room we use when we do illustration classes - high tables and chairs - i'm at my most uncomfortable in these classes because I am hopeless at drawing. Most of the time I try to "shield" my drawings from Desmond due to utter embarassment!

class with desmond

class w desmond 3

Here's Afton, erasing and redrawing countless times - she kept insisting that there was something wrong with her drawing - can you see all the eraser bits? This girl is probably the best in drawing in the entire class! Her models are really cool looking - long limbs, huge eyes, heart shaped faces and long wavy hair! And she's got pretty funky clothing designs too - she loves drawing anything with ribbing! Oh and Cavalli (Roberto) is her single favourite designer.

class w desmond 2

Spotted Galuh having her usual ciggie outside the school building - she has such a shaggy hair do! Galuh dresses what you call "bohemian hippie chic" - she wears giant keychains as pendants, funky scarves over her head - this is a girl who makes anything she wears look good, even $5 jeans from House of Japan. That and This Fashion are her favourite fashion haunts. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to achieve the same desired effect, even though a few of us tried shopping at the same places!

Dot & Galuh

here she is again, with her pouty lips

Dot & Galuh 2

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SiHaN said...

u must be wonky to say i draw well.. haha.. do hope to cya drop by for lunch or sth ;)
miss ya~~
oh can send me d photo of me and galuh over msn?
tee hee hee