Today was a very fruitful day!

Wow...amazing day today. A truly decadent and indulgent day spent with selena (who has baby-days off on weds)

We met early, around 930 and proceeded to great world for a morning breakfast of muffins and coffee/tea

Ventured into zara (again!) - it was so blissfully un-crowded. The clothes immediately looked much more appealing. I guess it was the sale crowds that put me off initially). We spent a really long time going through various pairs of jeans - no queues, fabulous!!! And we came away fruitful - Selena with 2 pairs and myself with a pair of narrow ankled jeans. Not my usual style but somehow quite taken with them, they felt vaguely rock-chick inspired.

Tried on some other tops but they didn't do it for me, also saw these very pretty velvet & gold open toed heels. Unfortunately size 37, which is my usual size, was rather narrow at the front and pinched my toes, so I didn't get them although they were only $69! But I left feeling quite happy with my purchase, which was 30% off. Felt rightly justified in buying denim given the frequency with which I wear jeans. Divide it by the number of wears and the price suddenly looks extremely palatable - a good investment, I would say.

Then checked out Novo, Tracce and Hush puppies, but no further purchases made there.
From there, we made our way to Arab Street - I needed to get fabric for wedding cheongsam. Went straight to Royal Fabrics which has 4 or 5 showrooms along the entire Arab St stretch (as Selena rightly pointed out, they own Arab street!) Made the salesman show me a variety of laces and matching linings...he even had to walk with us to another branch at one point, but to his credit, he was extremely pleasant about it all and I felt no pressure to rush into any decision. Luckily I finally found a combination that I liked and got it at a good discount too. It was a sort of rust pink and peachish gold lace, quite an antique look that I liked. Was so relieved at finally coming to a decision - I had shopped just the week before at Arab and had not found anything to my liking then.

After that, i dropped in at Gim Joo looking for stretch knit fabric, but they didn't have any - instead landed up with a pile of dusky pink chiffon and chocolate brown satin that I plan to use on one of my skirt designs. Very reasonably priced, and the chiffon was a good 60 inches wide, so very worth it! Happy, happy!

From Arab, we took the car to nearby Concourse to scout for packaging for my wedding favours, which Selena (as head honcho of the apothecakery) is going to help me make. Cupcakes! We were looking for nice plastic or cardboard square containers which unfortunately we did not find. All the ones were saw were not quite the right dimensions. Selena did manage to find really lovely birthday giftwrap for kids - really vintage looking - at a mere dollar for 5 sheets! Also scored 2 lovely windmill thinggies for her son Gareth and friend - at $3 a piece.

Decided that we should go check out another packaging place at Holland, but before that we stopped by Holland V for tea. Got distracted by shopping at Lim's Art & Crafts and then accessories shopping...made it to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao for tea of the abovesaid dumplings and red bean pancake. Did not make it to the packaging place after all...we proceeded to meet Sel's hubby Tim at the American club where we had nice healthy green dinner at Pacific Room (no more seafood kway teow!)

That pretty much got me pooped! Oh and other highlight of my day was Christmas present of very pretty tiny dangly earrings from Selena (lovely green shade) plus a ribbon & flower brooch!

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