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here's the actual skirt that i made based on the test one in the post below. it's a linen/cotton-y fabric, with white satin piping. i've decided to put it up for sale on Etsy.


Skirt Front 2

Skirt Front

and the other activity keeping me busy!

police cadets

resurrected my "Police Cadets '84 series I" VCD starring Tony Leung (just about the only HK actor I like) , Carina Lau, Maggie Cheung (with slightly too large front teeth-her face on the box is obscured by my flash), and a whole host of other longtime TVB favourites.

I couldn't help comparing TV shows and actors in the 80s with the present. For example, I was inundated with scenes of the fresh police recruits (healthy young men, mind you, not old paunchy uncle-types) wearing too-high waisted pants and shorts - displaying incredibly scrawny torsos! I daresay no actor in his right mind (unless the role called for it) would appear on present day TV without making sure his physique was in check. The entire male fashion proportions seems to have changed drastically. The 80s appeared to be all about narrow shoulders, scrawny butts, too small hips dressed in polyester pants and scruffy shirts.

It was quite fun checking out the fashion of the 80s - in all honesty, it's TERRIBLE! how could anyone have thought that those huge sack like dresses were flattering?! And big poofy hair and bad perms (men & women alike). I can't believe the Maggie Cheung here is the same one who had all these women aspiring to look like her cheongsam clothed self in In the Mood for Love. And she's definitely had some work done. Carina Lau looks pretty much the same, except more innocent than her current self! Tony Leung is amazing though, this guy today still has the same boyish looks and charm of his 20something year old self.

But I am hooked. I'm now on the search for Police Cadet series II!

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SiHaN said...

oh hoho.. hu's tat poor girl wid the face shined white by the cam.. hah looks funny..
omg i LOVE tony leung.. he rox~~~
hey u watch finis my cartoon? n_n