i sprained my back (again) yesterday.
the apparent reason being from sitting for too long on the floor in front of the TV watching the aforementioned "Police Cadets I"

So I went to the nearby popular Tui Na place, Oriental Traditional Therapy Centre. I've been there before, on the recommendation of some ex-colleagues who go regularly. The 1st time I went there was due to a back sprain, as well, sometime near the end of March. I hurt my back from coughing too hard (I kid you not). I had been nursing a bad cough, and on a particularly strenuous effort to clear my throat, I managed to pull a muscle in my back.

The Oriental Therapy centre is situation at the foot of block 91, Zion Road, near the well known Gim Hin sinseh. The masseurs there are all Chinese ladies, and while it looks a tad shady (i.e. special services), there's no hanky-panky going on in there. When I went there today, it had just undergone a face lift, so it looked spruced up and more luxurious (carpeted massage area!) What you get is a really small area and no rooms..each "cubicle" is a small space with a curtain drawn around it (much like hospital beds) But it's really one of the best massages that I've had and much cheaper ($40 an hour) compared to the "ang moh" massage places. Seriously, after going here, those aromatherapy massages are nothing.

Among all the masseurs, Nancy is acknowledged as the most formidable. She is known to exert the most strength of them all. I have been forewarned by my friends of her supreme
prowess. But they have also assured me that the results are well worth the pain. Thus far I have managed to not have her - I've gone to this other lady known as "Apple" (they all have English names - I guess so that customers can remember them better) This time, I was assigned Nancy - yup she was a tough one! She kept asking me if it hurt with each point she touched - her main objective being to find the source of my pain and to "tui" it to oblivion. And oh boy, did she manage to find those spots. I kept thinking I would suffer "internal injuries" from all that prodding. Oh yeah, it hurt - but that meant she had found the right spot to work on. The word "pulverized" kept coming to mind. But she was very thorough - she even made me get up from the bed twice and bend my back and check where the painful spots were. She would get me to lie down and then go to work on the area I had pointed out. I was told that my waist lacked "tan xing" (elasticity) which made me prone to back injury. I was also told that I had poor circulation, which was worsened by me sitting on the cold floor. I didn't understand completely - her chinese was way too cheem - but from what I gathered, the gist of it was that cold flooring worsened my poor circulation and therefore any sudden movements would result in back sprains. Or something like that..

So, I am much better now..I can walk without mincing my steps...but still do get little jolts of pain once in a while. She told me to expect more pain tomorrow, but she did reassure me that it would be much better than the pain i feel now. We'll see!

And tomorrow I go for lunch with my ex-classmates! Yay! I'm so eager to find out how school has been for them!

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Alicia said...

Hey - Stefan has exactly the same condition! But I didn't make the connection between his month-old hacking cough and the backache till I read your blog.