narrow skirt with gathered darts

test garment - that's muslin I used, not the actual fabric although i want the actual skirt to have contrasting piping at the waist like the picture.


It has a dropped waist; I brought in the side seams a little and tapered the bottom to get a more fitted look. At this point, i have no idea what the final fabric will be, besides that i want it to be relatively structured. so no flimsy stuff like georgette, satin, etc.

After i drafted the pattern, i realised that i was going to have some problem with the gathers near the area where the dart apex is. that is cos 1 dart leg is ungathered whereas the other one is, and they both meet at the same point. it's kinda hard to explain, but suffice to say i had a little bit of trouble there - but fortunately i still managed to get the effect i wanted. i'm going to have to ask my sewing instructor how to improve on that bit.


Stereoette said...
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Stereoette said...

I love this skirt! I'm a huge admirer of your designs on craftster - im never suprised when i see something is cute and then realize you made it.

(Sorry i deleted my old post - if you could let me know when you post the tuitorial for this skirt I'd really appreciate it! I'm not really good enough to make it yet but hopefully I will be soon!)

Lotta@TroublemakerStreet said...

I love this skirt - and the gathered dart effect in general. A nice way to make an otherwise simple garment a bit more exciting, without making it over the top - for those of us who prefer things somewhat simple...
I would love it if you could post a simple drawing showing approximately how the pattern looks, giving me a bit of an idea before I try draping one myself... Don't have any books on draping yet that shows how to do such things... Thanks a lot!